It’s the story, stupid!

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“There’s always room for a story that can transport people to another place.”
― J.K. Rowling

Stories are what we depend on. Stories about life, earth and universe, about right and wrong, possible and not possible and how society works. They teach us how to behave and they mirror us to let us learn who we are. They can give us motivation and inspiration. Stories can let us dream and make us believe. They give us a smile or let us cry – sometimes because of their beauty.

Catch the change

Dresden is a tremendous source of stories at these days. Maybe that’s the reason, why the call for contributions of „Stories of Change“ led to 20 videos from initiatives from Dresden. But nevertheless it is a big success.

From all the submissions (you can see them all here on youtube: 3 initiatives were choosen for a professional spot at a jury-evening on 2nd October. The spots would have its premiere during the Umundu Festival 2015 and they will run in various cinemas before the main feature for some weeks.

One decision was made by the stories-of-change-team. They voted for „Elbtaler“, the regional money initiative who is right now emitting bank notes and open up the Elbtaler for consumers.

Second choice was made by the ARTS partner IÖR. They gave their vote to „Hufewiesen Trachau“, an initiative that will save and open a green urban space.

Last but not least the audience was invited to choose the 3rd spot. Maybe the chestnuts that have been used for voting affected the result in a way … the Urban Gardening Network was the winner of the evening. Due to the fact, that autumn isn’t the best time to set a garden in perfect colors, they decides on short hand, to make the movie in June next year. The 2nd winner egNEOS (energy community New Energy East Saxony) took it’s place.

From the small consumer-community around the corner to green energy transition out of the neighborhood, from homemade vegan spread to regional money, from teaching nonviolent communication to giving bikes to refugees, from urban open spaces to plastic bags. While watching the movies a warm and hopeful feeling spreads up that Dresden could be more than PEGIDA and urban density. Many small ideas and initiatives rise here. They stimulate our reception of change, showing that it isn’t that difficult to make the world a bit better and that change could be fun!

in this words, the Urban Gardening Network Dresden talks about the jury-evening.

Inter-Religious Cultur Festival

A different story, but also about change and worth to tell, is the Inter-Religious Cultural Festival which took place in September. 7 Religions met at one place in the heart of Dresden and celebrated their cultures. Highlight was a concert in the Kreuzkirche (Church of the Cross), where 200 musicians and artists with different religions from all over Europe played together. For the first time in Europe jewish, arabic, buddhist and christian sounds came together in one piece of music. If you look in the faces of the audience at the end of the video, you can see how powerful the story of peace and coexistence is, especially when it is told by music.

We need more of these stories and we need them to be shown. We don’t need that violence every evening on TV, we don’t need that advertisements teaching us, how consumers have to behave. We need stories of life and stories of change. We need new stories to believe in.

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